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I have been golfing for about 6 years now. I love the game. I spent 11 years in the United States Air Force where I deployed 8 times. The last deployment was yearlong to Afghanistan. After returning, I needed to find something to do, so I started a laser engraving and awards business. That was a great hobby, and it kept my mind straight and focused. About 2 years into it, it was no longer fun as a hobby, yes it was productive, and I always had orders, but it was not fun. I needed something fun to do.

One of my friends I work with has always golf, so we went out one day and I loved it. Now I play as much as I can without losing my day job. It is a blast to just get out and enjoy being outdoors and trying to get better and playing golf with great people.

The creative part of me found myself customizing my wedges one way or another, now I have found a way to put images on wedges and it is awesome. I have custom wedges in 8 different countries now and all across the USA. I look forward to building your next wedge customized to you.

I hope you enjoy the site and becoming part of the community.

Thank you!!


Proud supporter and user of the Saintnine golf ball.

Extreme Soft Gold

  • Cover - Urethane

  • Construction - 4-piece

  • Core- Soft, Ultra-high energy 85 compression core

  • Dimple - 336 dimples for flight stability and reduced air resistance

  • Performance - The Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold is the highest
    spinning Tour Level ball you can find. Take advantage of the
    Tour Level spin and stop a ball on any green, any time, no matter what level you play

  • Player Profile - Designed for mid to low handicap golfers.
    Premium feel and spin control make this ball ideal from tee-to-green.
    Optimized for elite distance without sacrificing the ability to create spin
    in your short game.

  • Mental Mates - Mental Mates


  • Cover - Thin and soft urethane cover

  • Construction - 2-piece

  • Core - High energy performance Nex-Gen core 90 compression core 

  • Dimple - 332 dimple construction for ideal flight stability

  • Performance - The Saintnine U PRO is a great ball from tee-to-green. Golfers of all levels will easily generate distance with a high trajectory ball flight without sacrificing feel and spin - no matter what the conditions

  • Player Profile - Designed for golfers of all skill sets who want to maximize performance. The Urethane cover creates a premium feel and spin control. Constructed to create maximum distance to spin ratio

  • Mental Mates - Mental Mates

Wedge FX custom wedge and Saintnine ball in action


Honored to be a SQAIRZ Golf Shoe Ambassador 

Balance. Comfort. Distance. Accuracy

It all started with the patented SQAIRZ toe that allows the golfer to setup properly on every shot with more room in the forefoot area that provides full range of motion in your feet. That development led to a more stable platform with custom cleats and nubs under specific pressure points created during your golf swing. We integrated a heel stabilizer system that assist with rotational torque, but we didn’t stop there. A custom removable insole integrates compression zones that match the pressure point areas linking the inner sole all the way to the cleats. One of the most vocal concerns from golfers has been tying their shoes multiple times throughout a round. “STA-PUT” laces with silicon squares printed down the lace allows you to comfortably form the shoe to your foot and lock it in place without having to adjust or re-tie during the round.

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