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Who are we?

We are two brothers a year and a half apart in age. Both love golf. "Rob" (aka Duff) the older brother is a bad ass golfer with MS and is just out here killing it and having fun. You think golf is hard, ha try having MS and not being able to stand or walk well. But for the love of the game, he does it and has a blast.


"Lee" (aka Shank) the younger but taller brother owns and operates his own custom wedge business and has his own line of wedges used to play on the Golfweek Tour and played good for a while, but now just wants to be out there having a great time with great people and enjoying the game.


Both will make fun of each other and themselves, this will be a comic relief for all golf enthusiasts.


What can go wrong!!


See ya out there


Shank and Duff

In addition to bringing you endless on course fun,
Shank and Duff
would like to announce the beinging of the 

SDGA Title.png

Wedge FX

The Shank and Duff Show

32 Stuart Town Ct

Beaufort SC


Powered By: 

Wedge FX Logo.tif

More Information will be posted

once all the details and member benefits are locked in.

But I can say,

You will not want to miss out

Points Game Shank and Duff play

We play a points game to bring Duff into the mix and break it up into 9 hole segments, so we play to matches in a 18 hole round. Person with the most points at the end of the 9 hole round win.

How you get point;

1 pt for hitting the fairwary off the tee box

1 pt for a GUR

2 pts for Birdie

1 pt for PAR

1 pt if you win the hole (if the hole is tied, the pt pushes to the next hole making it worth 2)

How we use our SDGA Tour Cards

At the beginning of the round we put them in the pot and you have to earn them. During each 9 hole segment, you have to ear at least 5 points to earn you card, if you do not earn it the other person takes it home with them and keeps in until it is earned again, what is done with the card is completely up to the keeper.

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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The Shank and Duff Show Ep 2

The Shank and Duff Show Ep 2

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Shank and Duff Show Ep3

Shank and Duff Show Ep3

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The Shank and Duff Show Ep 4 UNO

The Shank and Duff Show Ep 4 UNO

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Audio Round 13 May 2023

Audio Round 13 May 2023

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