Wedge FX 52, 56, 60 Custom “21” Ace, King, Queen

Heads Only


All aesthetic work done by me (Wedge FX)


. Right Hand

• S20C grade forged steel construction. 

. Satin Finish

. 52/08 / 35.5"

. 56/12, with rounded leading edge

• 60/10, with rounded leading edge

• .355 Taper Tip Hosel

• Industry standard weight (300 grams)

• Timeless head shape. 

. Heel relief for perfect turf integration


Pictures are for example, if you order a 60* Ace, that is what you will get. The picture just the cards on the given heads I have done.

10 Days processing time to create the wedges for you. I will always have 1 set ready to go, so it will not take 10 days unless I get busy

Wedge FX Custom (Ace, King, Queen) Set RH, Heads Only