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Customized Wedge Art

The game of golf is all about having a good time and looking good while doing it. Think about it, one of the biggest things in being fit for golf clubs is personalizing the settings to meet your needs and swing. Now you can have your wedges meet your style and make a statement on the course and feel confident in your short game. We have all bee there, awesome drive off the tee box, nice 2nd shot within 80 yards of the hole.... You pull out your wedge and think I am going stick this right next to the whole. Now, if you have a wedge that is intimidating at best, but one you feel you have melded with because you designed it and it you in style and appeal. Sure it is the golfer swing the wedge that determines the outcome of the impending approach shot, but confidence is the first step in hitting the shot.

Let us create a custom wedge for you that says this is my wedge and none other is like it.

Shoot us an email if you have a custom design you would like or take a look in the shop and maybe that next birdie maker is sitting there waiting to go in your bag.

More designs and ideas will be posted some and updated often.

Thank you and happy pin seeking.

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