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The Eye Putt Pro

As an amateur golfer, one of the questions asked the most in any golf swing instruction has to be, “How can I be more consistent?” Because most of us do not hit hundreds of balls a day and most play only 2-3 times a month, this is why we have consistency problems. Let’s face it we are not pros and have our normal day jobs and lives that take us away from the awesome game of golf. There is nothing wrong with that, but we lose the “feel” of what it takes for good shots and putts. The muscle memory isn’t there, it is like the old saying if you don’t use it you lose it.

The Eye Putt Pro gives you that back on the practice green, office, or your own home. The Eye Putt Pro enables you to repeatedly obtain the same putting stance over and over to develop the muscle memory for putting along with creating the proper putting posture,

so when you do get out to the course you are ready to putt and let’s face it that is where most strokes are lost.

For $19.95 you get the Eye Putt Pro, instruction card, drawstring bag, and a couple extra reusable tape pieces. The instructions are very basic;

1. Attach the Eye Putt Pro to your putter via the reusable tape or by using the

magnets already built into the device.

2. Address the ball.

3. Level the putter using the bubble level build in.

4. Lean forward from your waist until you see your yes between the 2 lines on the


The concept is very simple in nature, but one that we all lose sight on. Creating the correct posture and muscle memory is key to consistency and taking strokes off your game by making putts. The Eye Putt Pro is small enough to always have in your bag for putting practice and easy to attach.

Overall this is a great putting aid to get you making putts, in addition the Eye Putt Pro would make a great tournament giveaway as it can be customized with tournament or organization name. I highly recommend this to be in everyone’s bag.

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